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Privacy, Visibility, Reach

In this post we would like to explain our thinking on the various forms of privacy and how we have implemented them to support you and keep you safe from the bullies, spammers and scammers who have plagued the internet for decades. This is not written in legalese, but it can get a little technical […]

Events After the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Spanish Flu pandemic that lasted from February 1918 to April 1920 killed between 20 to 100 million people and infected up to one third of the global population at the time, or 500 million people. Depending upon the estimates, this was the deadliest pandemic since the black death of the 1300s. Nobody was vaccinated, […]

The Tuvens View of Content Moderation

Building a system that puts communities in charge If you’re reading this and it sounds familiar, you might be right. We read Substack’s moderation policy and found that it is so aligned with our own views that we were inspired to use it as a basis for our own policy. Chris, Hamish, and Jairaj, we […]