We know what you’re thinking: Life is too short for just one cookie

But hear us out!

Everyone likes cookies, but nobody likes cookie banners. And yet, they’re everywhere online. The good news is that for these particular cookies Tuvens has emptied the jar, right into the bin. How have we managed this feat where others have failed?

So, the use of cookie banners is required by EU law if a website contains cookies that are not required for it to work. For example, most websites use some form of tracking and third-party analytics, often including advertising services. This is problematic because they track people’s behavior across the web, generating shadow personas that are stored in databases and used to identify people in ways that are virtually immune to oversight and accountability – all in the name of targeted advertising.

At Tuvens, we value your privacy, and share your frustration about the proliferation of cookie banners. So after extensive research, we decided not to use any non-essential cookies.

Visiting our website does not send any information to third-party analytics services. We do not have display ads, or track you across other sites, and as such don’t use any cookies for these purposes.

And we are committed to only using cookies that are required for us to serve Tuvens.com, prioritizing user privacy, and going above and beyond any legal requirement, including extending EU privacy protections to all users regardless of location. People should not have to sacrifice their privacy to stay connected with their communities using basic internet services.

Simple as.